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Akasaka Station

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Karin Wu
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Tokyo Metro's Akasaka Station (not to be confused with the nearby Akasaka-mitsuke Station or Asakusa Station) is only accessible through the Chiyoda Line, so you don’t have to worry about weaving around people transferring between lines. Nestled in between Nogizaka to the west, Roppongi to the south and Tameike-sanno to the east, Akasaka is its own little world for people not wanting to leave the city atmosphere but wanting to take a break from the major cities in Tokyo.

The layout of the station is very simple and easy to navigate, with the exits in the east wing all leading to Akasaka Sacas, the large multi-building complex that is home to the headquarters of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS). The exits in the west wing of the stations lead to other professional buildings in the area, including the Kokusai Shin-Akasaka Building and various hotels, as well as the nearby station of Tameike-sanno, a short walk away.

Upon exiting the main ticket gate in the east wing, you will first see a long set of escalators leading up to a higher floor. Next to the escalators is Sacas Café, the signs around it boasting of a delicious custard creamed roll that has been featured on many different television shows. Sacas Café is only the first of famous places one will see on the way out of the station.

One of the defining features of Akasaka Station is how esthetically pleasing it is to those passing through. The wall next to the main escalators is colored in with scenes from nature, making the journey up to exits 3a and 3b, the most popular exits, enjoyable. The escalator leads right to the main buildings in the Akasaka Sacas complex. A lovely and surprising discovery was a small art corner named Sacas Art Spot, dedicated to a particular artist every month. This is located at the top of the escalators to the right.

From there, you can immediately access the shops and restaurants of Biz Tower, one of the five main buildings in the Akasaka Sacas complex. Posters of currently airing television dramas lead one to the exit the station and end up right in front of the TBS center’s front doors. A flashy projection by TBS upon a large wide set of stairs draws people to the exit right in front of Akasaka Blitz and Akasaka ACT Theater, both buildings part of the complex. With all of these different venues, fans can discover the various entertainment services and resources TBS has available.

And to top it off, at every exit, you will be greeted by rows of carefully planted trees, coffee shops and places to sit, definitely a welcome sight of green in the midst of a busy city!

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