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Animate in Shibuya

Manga, music, and anime galore

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An interesting store that sells an incredible amount of anime goods is the Animate shop in Shibuya. You will be able to experience anime culture simply by stepping into this store. They sell a variety of goods for old and trending anime. To put it simply, it's a fascinating store since there's so much to look at.

Anime merchandise

There are many things to choose from when looking for one of your favorite show’s merch. If you want a poster, it is not hard to find an array of different styles. Budget-wise there is something for everyone. When seeing how well crafted certain items were and looking at the prices, I was surprised to see the products were affordable. A lot of items were less than ¥600. One anime can have many different items that range from DVDs, plush toys, t-shirts, wallets, and bags to even soundtracks.

Music and soundtracks

There is a large music section in this shop. Here you can pick up soundtracks to shows or music by popular artists who have been featured in anime. It is rare to find soundtrack CDs of your favorite animated movie, but here they make sure to supply every fan favorite.

Signed goods

Another unique feature in this store are the signed items up for sale. At this shop I found a lot of manga and posters signed by their creators. Near the checkout you can also find original signed artwork displayed on a wall.


The manga section is the largest part of the store. New releases and past favorites can be found stacked up and being purchased. The more interesting sections are the ones with magnificent displays of the manga’s artwork and cutouts.

Make sure to visit this shop whether or not you are an anime fan. Not only is it a learning experience of anime culture, seeing the excited customers while window shopping is fun. This destination is an experience you will not want to miss. When thinking of places to visit in Japan, add the Animate shop to your list!

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