Heiwajima Starbowl (Photo: Liz Watson)

Bigfun Heiwajima

Liz Watson   - 2 min read

Commence your adventure at Bigfun Heiwajima, an amusement complex with something for everyone. Get lost in the aisles of the large Don Quijote store, where you can enjoy tax-free shopping (see the official website for further details). Head over to Taito Station for some UFO catcher games. There are rows upon rows of machines filled with colorful prizes. Why not also try some very cool arcade games?

After Taito Station, try your luck at knocking down pins at Heiwajima Starbowl. Heiwajima Starbowl is open from 10AM - 5AM, meaning that you can enjoy some late-night bowling if you are out on the town. They offer a variety of different tournaments throughout the month and there is even a unique electric car racing game. I was told that the game was loved by both children and adults, with some adults even bringing their own cars in to use on the course!

For some more adventurous fun, why not try some hardcore trampolining at Tondemi. Open from 10AM - 9PM, the trampoline adventure center is home to a variety of trampolines. They also have a bouncy obstacle course which you can race your friend on, as well as many unusual bouldering walls that you would not find in a normal bouldering center. There is also a kids area, a cart area and a rope athletics area. The variety of activities makes the 2 hour activity great value for money.

For some quality relaxation, pay a visit to Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima. The facilities offer a wide range of Japanese baths (one bath that even has a TV). I am also told that they are proud of their variety of different massage options and sure enough you can try shiatsu, Thai, beauty acupuncture, and even more. There is also a restaurant within the facilities. The variety of relaxation rooms (rooms with comfy reclining seats) and the free late-night buses operating from Haneda Airport also make the facilities a perfect alternative to a hotel (please see their website for further details). Bigfun Heiwajima also offers a variety of dining options and has a cinema.

Getting there

10 minutes by bus from JR Omori Station.

5 minutes by bus, or 10 minutes on foot from Keikyu Heiwajima Station

More info

Find out more about Big Fun Heiwajima.

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