A cute little ball of fur (Photo: Irma Syahriar)

Cafe Ohisama, Shimokitazawa [Closed]

For rabbit-lovers!

Irma Syahriar   - 1 min read

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Cafe has been reported as closed. 

Last updated: Jan 20, 2020

Japan is so famous for its animal-themed cafes that it would be a mistake not to visit at least one of them. Aside from the usual cat and dog ones, there are also owl and rabbit-themed cafes. Since I’m a big fan of rabbits, I decided to visit the latter.

Cafe Ohisama is easily accessible by foot. It only takes 5 minutes of walking from Shimokitazawa Station (South Exit). Once you arrive at the cafe, you will be given a price list. For a minimum price of ¥1,000, you can get one drink and 30 minutes of playing with the rabbits. The place itself is divided between the playground and the cafe. So you can go back and forth to play with the rabbits at the playground and sip your drink at the cafe, as long as it is within the confirmed length of time. I had so much fun here. It truly is a great place for any rabbit-lovers!

Irma Syahriar

Irma Syahriar @irma.syahriar