Going towards Cat Street by walking along Omotesando Street. Weekends are sure to be crowded, so avoid going if you dislike crowds. But I'd recommend going at least once just to people-watch. (Photo: Sher Ying Wee)

Cat Street, Harajuku/Omotesando

An intersection of interests

Sher Ying Wee   - 1 min read

'Cat Street' is a misleading but apt nickname for the​ Ura-Harajuku shopping street. Several theories exist, one being the legend of a black cat wandering the streets; another being because the street itself is shaped like a cat's tail. Shops here have cat-like personalities too, being individualistic and charming in their unique ways. Western and street culture seem to be more popular, but other modes are seen as well, like the lacy-girly style, natural zakka, punk rock, and artsy.

Most goods are mid to high price range, with reasonably priced items discovered through searching. Thrift and 2nd-hand shops carry all kinds of apparel—definitely a must for clothes shopping. Well known brand shops are making their way in as well, so there's a nice mix of things for travelers to see.

Sher Ying Wee

Sher Ying Wee @sher.ying.wee

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