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Edomae Kisen Boat Cruise

An unforgettable cherry blossom viewing experience

Photo: Julian Kloby
Julian Kloby   - 3 min read

It's springtime in Japan, one of the most popular times for tourists this year. Springtime also means plenty of blooming sakura trees, with fluttering petals in shades of bright pink and subtle whites. These trees are unlike any others in the world, hence why locals and tourists alike eagerly await spring. During this time there is no shortage of breathtaking views and wonderful activities to look forward to, and Edomae Kisen’s special Hanami Flight cruise is certainly one of them.

Edomae Kisen invites you to enjoy their sakura-viewing and teppanyaki (a form of Japanese cuisine where ingredients are cooked on a hot steel plate) cruise along the Sumida river in Tokyo. You can choose from one of two routes, each offering views of different landmarks and beautiful scenery. However, the most popular has to be the special Hanami Flight Monjayaki course. With an approximate length of two hours and an all-you-can-eat and drink menu, this experience is worth every penny.

The cruise takes place in a houseboat, of which several tables are equipped with grills. On-board staff will request that you take off your shoes before you sit down at these tatami-style tables, before taking your orders. As you enjoy the sizzle and aroma of various meats and vegetables grilled right in front of you, the boat’s tour guide will also be introducing noteworthy landmarks that are visible from the river. Keep in mind, though, that the tour is only available in Japanese, though the food and beautiful views can be appreciated even with a language barrier.

The calm, relaxing riverside cruise lives up to its promise of being a nice getaway from bustling Tokyo. Given that the food is served on a boat, you’ll also be surprised by the variety and abundance of menu options available–all of which are absolutely mouthwatering. Best of all, Edomae Kisen arguably offers the best value for money for such a beautiful experience.

If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy the spring season in Tokyo, check out Edomae Kisen’s wonderfully curated sakura-viewing boat cruise.

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