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Everything is OK in Kamata

Everyday low prices at this Kamata discount store

Ana Skara
Ana Skara   - 2 min read

A warm welcome to Tokyo's Ōta-ku, where you will come across the most amazing people and atmosphere and everything is at your fingertips.

Whilst staying at a shared house in Ōta-ku called, The Oakhouse Kamata, I was in need of some everyday living necessities.

Ōta-ku was new to me until I started to wander the beautiful streets. To my surprise, I came across a store that met all my needs. The "OK" store has everything you need to get by. OK is a huge discount store filled with four floors of everyday necessities. I thought this was great as I could buy everything at once, without visiting individual stores for different items.

Everything from the assistance and customer service to the convenience of having everything in one location makes OK great. The store is easily accessible and caters for the disabled with priority parking at the front, alongside bicycle and motorbike parking. OK store is situated 5 meters away from Zoshiki Arcade and Zoshiki Station and only three minutes from Oakhouse Kamata. ​

OK provides products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, prepared meals, fresh sandwiches, freshly baked bread and much more. They also stock a wide range of cleaning products and beauty products - of course as this is a discount store the pricing is competitive and low.

The OK staff were wonderfully helpful. Even if you don't speak Japanese, like myself, the sales assistants would still be happy to help. Both the staff and customers were happy to lend out a helping hand.

It is safe to say my experience was one to remember - who would have thought grocery shopping would make such an impact on daily life? Anything is possible in Japan.

Ana Skara

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