Hookah Lounge (Photo: Jillian Engelhard Fosten)

Foodies & Hipsters of Shimokitazawa

Fashion, music, and all things vintage

Jillian Engelhard Fosten   - 1 min read

If you love fashion, music, and all things vintage, Shimokitazawa is the perfect neighborhood for you to visit. Slightly off the beaten track, this is a great place to take a break from the high rises and bustle that other parts of Tokyo have to offer, with authentic, Japanese hipster and bohemian culture. With its main streets being flooded with quaint little cafes, music stores, and vintage shops, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods amongst young people. It is also a big spot for foodies. If curry is your thing, the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival, running from October 10th- October 19th, is not to be missed! For dumpling fans, The Juicy Dumpling Shimokitazawa Manufactory just next to the station is a fun, casual spot for those who want a relaxed dinner before setting off.

Jillian Engelhard Fosten

Jillian Engelhard Fosten @jillian.engelhard.fosten863

Documentary filmmaker and photographer from California based in East England.