The communal living room. (Photo: Livvy Boote)

Fresh Share House Jingumae

A lovely women only sharehouse at the centre of Shibuya

The communal living room. (Photo: Livvy Boote)
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The Fresh Share House Jingumae in Shibuya is one of many beautiful share houses in Tokyo, nestled in a quiet little area ten minutes away from Shibuya crossing. I know- ‘quiet’ and ‘Shibuya’ don’t tend to go together, but trust me, this accommodation is in such a nice place that you wouldn’t be able to tell that you were in between the busiest crossing in the world and Harajuku. For women only, the Fresh Share House Jingumae is a safe, calm retreat from the busy streets of Tokyo.

The sharehouse is bright, light, and friendly, welcoming women from all over the world to stay with them for whatever reason that might be. With a minimum stay of one month, it isn’t ideal for most of those on holiday in Japan, however it’s perfect for students and salary women, or anyone who needs somewhere to stay whilst looking for somewhere to live in Tokyo.

There are 22 rooms in the share house, a shared living room and kitchen with communal utensils, free wifi throughout the whole building, a laundry room, a bathroom, three communal showers, and toilets and ‘powder rooms’ placed around the building. Each room (western-style) has a television, a wardrobe, air-conditioning and a single bed, and there’s a roof top balcony with a fantastic view over the area. There is high security at the front door, so for those who feel anxious about staying so close to one of the busiest places in the world, have no fear.

That being said, there’s no curfew, so feel free to explore the amazing Shibuya night life! Bike rental is also offered for anyone who wants to explore Tokyo a little quicker, and without the stress of the metro.

There are communal activities and events for those within the Jingumae share house as well as get-togethers for all of the company’s share houses within Tokyo around once a month- such as yoga, cooking events, BBQs by the river, or boat rides at Tokyo bay. The atmosphere amongst the residents and staff is relaxed, friendly, and eager to promote as much cultural exchange as possible.

There’s a 7/11 around five minutes away from the accommodation, which allows you not only to get your daily groceries, but also lets foreign visitors to take out money from the ATM. There’s easy access to Shibuya station (10 minute walk), Omotesando station (15 minute walk), and Meiji-Jingumae (Harajuku) Station (15 minute walk), and considering the excellent central location, it’s only a walk away to the best shops and restaurants about. For some of the best food, Harajuku is recommended.

While the price may seem steep- between ¥70,000-88,000 per month, plus ¥15,000 utility- this price does include everything from the free wifi to the heating and air-conditioning. Considering the perfect location, it’s actually more than worth it. Getting a cheap, hassle free apartment in the centre of Tokyo is almost impossible, and with this accommodation you know what you’re getting- everything you need, with the added bonus of at the centre of everything. Also bear in mind that commuting from the outside of Tokyo may seem cheaper at first, but travelling for an hour and a half from the suburbs can get very pricy if you do it everyday.

If you’re staying in Tokyo for a while and need to be close to your job, or maybe just want to be at the centre of one of the most exciting cities in the world, the beautiful Fresh Share-house Jingumae is highly recommended.

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