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Kichijoji Nakamichi

Visit Tokyo's most popular town to live in

Michael Ying
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Kichijoji has been named in several magazines as the most desired part of Tokyo to live in due to the amount of restaurants and shopping available in the area. Inokashira park has it's beautiful lake, Harmonica Yokocho boasts Tokyo dining at it's best and there is even the giant electronics store, Yodabashi Camera all in the same area. But there is also a section in the west part of Kichijoji that is home to the true charm of the area, and that is Nakamichi street. 

Nakamichi can be found just west of the station's north exit and the entrance is right beside the giant Uniqlo. There are several independent shops along the street that include fashion, home decor, and sporting goods, and a surprising variety of restaurants inhabit the area. If you desire something more unique than the mass produced kitchenware and bath towels provided in Loft  or Muji, there are several small shops with their own products that carry a hand-made feel. If Starbucks and Doutor coffee are a bit too bland for your tastes, Blackwell Coffee and Tsuru's Original Roast Beans sit right across the street from one another and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans spreads throughout the entire area. 

There is even a park right behind the Kinokuniya market that serves as the local playground for all the children in the area. Different markets and events are held there and even a firefly viewing tent in the summer. 

The healthy donut chain from Kobe, Hara Donuts sits right across the park. The donuts are freshly fried in front of everyone to see, and the store can actually have a pretty long queue during the weekends. 

And even if there aren't enough chic shops to satisfy your shopping desire there is also Oshman's, Nike, Gap, Zara, and even Lacoste in the area. If you come to Kichijoji be sure to check out Nakamichi. 

Michael Ying

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