Plush toys always make you smile (Photo: Ana Skara)

Kiddy Land in Omotesando

It's a kid's world!

Ana Skara   - 1 min read

Kiddy Land is a store where you will find various cartoon toys, figurines and collectibles. It also caters to adults and supplies personalised accessories such as USB sticks in multiple designs, headphones and phone accessories. The store has sections that are dedicated to a particular character or theme. For example, if you are looking for Peanuts toys and collectibles you will find this all within the one section which makes it simpler to navigate your way around the store. Kiddy Land brings you characters such as Peanuts, Marvel, DC, Hello Kitty, Domo-kun etc. The store is located only a couple of minutes from Omotesando Station.

Ana Skara

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