Warming and cozy Hungarian goulash - a stew of meat and vegetables with paprika (Photo: Olga Kaneda)

Kitchen Country – Hungarian Cuisine

Try some excellent goulash in Jiyugaoka

Olga   - 1 min read

lMy love affair with Hungarian cuisine started long time ago. When I was a kid, my mom often made goulash. Actually, now I suspect that it resembled the symbolic dish of Hungary only a tad bit, but who I am to judge? Although as an adult I drank several kinds of Tokaj wine, I've never been to the country of my dreams. 

Luckily, moving to Tokyo gave me a whole new world of opportunities to try different variations of goulash. As it turned out, sometimes it is served at European-style curry shops. But the best part is that you can visit several Hungarian restaurants, try Hungary's famous national dishes and enjoy their wonderful atmosphere, including traditional music! It was a memorable dinner at Kitchen Country in Jiyugaoka.


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