There's more to this shop than just toys (Photo: Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu)

Liberty Shops

A chain of toy and hobby shops in Akihabara

There's more to this shop than just toys (Photo: Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu)
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu   - 3 min read

Whenever you hear the name Akihabara, there are two things that will pop up in your mind: electronics and animation! Indeed, as you stroll down its busy streets you'll find yourself looking straight up to the sky to get a glimpse of several tall buildings. These buildings house not only clothing and food shops, but several kinds of electronic, hobby and book shops that sell magazines, toys and comics on animation.

When you think of toys, they are almost always associated only with babies and kids, but here in the bustling and liberated city of Akihabara, teenagers, college students, working professionals, tycoons, middle-aged fathers, and even retirees have the privilege of enjoying and collecting anime action figures and toys.

Indeed, there is freedom in whatever you have and want to do as a hobby. Hence, Liberty perfectly fits into the picture, giving both kids and adults their desired freedom to enjoy a small toy kingdom within the colorful shops scattered around Akihabara.

There are more than three branches of Liberty around Akihabara Station, and when you have the whole day to explore, you might discover all of them! Liberty deals in second-hand toys that are still in good quality, and one good thing about this is that you can find collectible items rarely found in other toy shops that only sell brand new toys. But, since these toys are already used, you will only get them at very wallet-friendly prices. You can also sell them your own unwanted but still in-good-quality toys for a small amount of cash.

The store provides a stimulating sight of colors, with different kinds of toy collections from action figures, miniature transportation – trains, cars, airplanes and other aircraft – infrastructures, robots, and plenty more.

Take the Electric Town Exit from JR Akihabara Station and go right, past the Atre building, until you reach the Radio Kaikan building. Across from that building, you will find the first Liberty Shop, just a small one but filled with toys of all sorts. Just a few meters from that first one are the other Liberty Shops. For more information about all the other Liberty shops in Akihabara, their website provides a map with their store locations, and lists of the items each shop specializes in.

Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu

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