Get ready to chat (Photo: studiokite)

Making Connections at The Single in Tokyo

Chat and drink with fellow singles in Akasaka

Get ready to chat (Photo: studiokite)
Serena Ogawa   - 4 min read

It can be difficult to make a connection in Japan—especially a connection that leads to a relationship. But that’s just what The Single aims to do. Their service is largely for Japanese speakers as their website has no English option, but don’t let this deter you from mingling with their speed-dating and chat service.

It’s easy to sign up with some basic Japanese knowledge and foreigners are welcome. For a smooth entry, you may reserve a time slot by first selecting your gender; input the date you’d like to visit and select a time and then fill out the short form on your name, phone number, and email address, and voila! You’re ready to go when you get your confirmation email.

It is also possible to simply show up at the store without reservation and fill out your information when you arrive.

Get ready to chat
Get ready to chat (Photo: studiokite)

According to their visitor website, 40% of guests to The Single are ladies and 60% are gentlemen. It’s a fairly good balance in the dating game. So how does this work after arriving at the mingles bar on the day and time of your appointment? For men, you’re seated in an area to enjoy your drink; ladies can enjoy the atmosphere of a bar while they are matched with gentlemen for a 20-minute chat session. There’s even an extension system for those who enjoy their conversation partner’s company.

Enjoy time with a chat partner
Enjoy time with a chat partner (Photo: studiokite)

After 20 minutes of chatting and drinking, you’re free to change partners; this allows for a maximum of three potential matches in one hour. After visiting, you’ll evaluate the people you spoke with and if you and a partner rate each other favorably contact information is exchanged by staff. It’s truly a no strings attached and stress-free system that allows you to continue the encounter or stop it any time. Women can even enjoy all-you-can-drink for free and go home afterward with peace of mind. Men do have to pay a small fee of 800 yen per 10 minutes (900 yen on weekends and holidays). Tax excluded from these prices.

You only share information with people you score favorably
You only share information with people you score favorably (Photo: studiokite)

The floor plan of The Single also allows you varying degrees of privacy so you can chat without feeling as though you’re being judged by those around you. All the seating is at least semi-secluded with private rooms also available. In this age of disconnection and perhaps over-reliance on technology wouldn’t it be nice to sit down with a stranger and just try to make a connection? Leave your busy schedule for just one hour and see where it leads you.

Receive contact information for further meetings!
Receive contact information for further meetings! (Photo: studiokite)

Getting there

The Single is a 3-minute walk from either Akasaka Station or Akasaka-Mitsuke Station.

Serena Ogawa

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