Masks are a popular purchase at Natsu Matsuri (summer festivals)) (Photo: John Carter)

Namja Town

Ikebukuro's Sunshine Centre has it's own theme park

John Carter   - 1 min read

Amongst the shopping and dining facilities at the Sunshine Centre, there is also a small amusement park that attracts many people on it’s own: Namja Town. With several payment options, you can pay ¥500 and enter only the attractions you want or just pay the full price of ¥2000 and enter where you like. I’m not sure if the Crystal Maze television program from the 90’s was popular outside of Britain but that’s what I’ll compare it too. The park is split into many themes with a haunted house looking area; fake torii shrine gates and Showa era looking alleyways from the middle of the last century. There is also a large area of restaurants to enjoy a meal after the hard task of enjoying yourself.

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