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Shinjuku Gyoen in November

Beautiful nature in the middle of the city

Christie Petrakopoulou
Christie Petrakopoulou   - 2 min read

Parks are usually fully appreciated during warm and sunny days when people can sit on the grass and enjoy the good weather. However, beautiful parks in downtown Tokyo like Shinjuku Gyoen can and should be appreciated all year round.

Despite the rain today, I decided to visit Shinjuku Gyoen and see for myself what most of my Japanese friends have described as one of Tokyo’s most beautiful parks.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was constructed on the site of the private residence of daimyo Naito, a feudal lord of the Edo era. Originally designed as an Imperial garden, Shinjuku Gyoen was completed in 1906 but was re-designed as a national garden after being almost completely destroyed by air raids during World War II.

I like nature. So especially when you are experiencing the hassles of a big city, you need a place to get away. Shinjuku Gyoen might be located in the center of Tokyo, but it's still quiet and relaxing to be here!
Tsubasa, a student.

Within the premises, there is (according to the official website) a greenhouse that has “a stock of more than 2,400 brilliantly colorful tropical and subtropical species on permanent display“, restaurants, a traditional Japanese tea house and an information center that also serves as an art gallery. Shinjuku Gyoen is open from 9.00 am till 4:30 pm, allowing visitors to take long promenades that will make you forget that you’re still in crowded Tokyo.

What needs to be mentioned is that there is an admission fee of ¥200 for adults and ¥50 for elementary and junior high school students. To be honest, at first I wondered why there was an entrance fee at a public garden but considering the fact that it is perfectly maintained and clean of garbage (unfortunately a common phenomenon in European parks), I believe that my ¥200 was well spent.

As you see in the photos, there are still trees blooming here despite the fact that it’s November. Beautiful autumn green, red and orange colors are all over and will dazzle you!

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