The comfortable Sky Bus (Photo: Sky Hop Bus)

Sky Hop Bus Tokyo

It’s easy to hop on hop off the Sky Bus

The comfortable Sky Bus (Photo: Sky Hop Bus)
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When you go to Tokyo, of course you want to see everything it has to offer. The Sky Hop Bus makes that not only easy but cost-effective and fun too. Get 24-hour access to some of the best sightseeing spots in Tokyoand you aren’t stuck underground staring at dull subway walls.

There are several benefits to using the Sky Hop Bus, from the sights to sounds and open sky. Read on to find out what the Sky Hop Bus can offer you.

Get close to the big sights to see!
Get close to the big sights to see!

Sky Hop Bus Courses

Currently, two courses are offered by Tokyo's Sky Hop Bus, which both start and finish at the Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building near Tokyo Station:

Course Duration Highlights
Red Course 90 min

Kodenmacho Station ⇒
Ryogoku Edo-Tokyo Museum ⇒
Tokyo Skytree Station ⇒
Asakusa Hanakawado ⇒
Asakusa Tawaramachi ⇒
Ueno Station ⇒ ★From October 1, 2019
Ueno Matsuzakaya ⇒
Akihabara ⇒
Shin-Nihonbashi Station ⇒

Blue Course 55 min

Tokyo Tower ⇒
Tokyo Prince Hotel/ Zojo-ji Temple ⇒
Tokyo Teleport Station (Venus Fort) ⇒ ★From October 1, 2019
Tsukiji Ginza ⇒

From December 16, 2019, to March 13, 2020, the schedule will be irregular; please ask the attendant for a schedule or check the website.

Views of the National Diet building
Views of the National Diet building (Photo: Sky Hop Bus)

Getting a Sky Hop ticket

Buying a ticket is convenient and simple; the main ticket office is at the Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building outside of Tokyo Station. But you can also buy a ticket at any of the Sky Hop stops from the bus attendant. Buy tickets with cash or credit from any of these useful locations. Now that you have a one-day ticket (although it is best to call it a 24-hour ticket) it's time to go!

Your countdown starts as soon as you board the Sky Hop Bus for the first time. From that first boarding time, you can ride the Sky Hop Bus as many times as you likeeven changing from red to blue course or vice versa. That means that if you first boarded at 1pm on Sunday you can continue using your ticket until Monday at 1pm. How convenient!

When you board the bus in summer or winter, you'll receive a small amenity package; in summer, that means an ice pack and a fan for hot days. You also receive a handy pair of earbuds. And don't worry if it rains, there is also a covered busor they'll even provide a rain poncho for you!

After buckling up for safety, connect up your provided headset to the seat in front for a full audio tour to accompany the route! Available in 7 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, and German), receive exciting historical trivia and info as the bus travels through older parts of Tokyo.

Choose from 8 languages!
Choose from 8 languages!

Sky Hop beyond Tokyo

Besides the two Sky Hop Tokyo courses currently, expect Shibuya and Shinjuku to be covered by new courses by 2020!

From April 2019, Sky Hop also operates in Kyoto. Departing from Kyoto Station's Karasuma Exit and visits 11 major sites:

Kyoto Course

Kyoto Station ⇒

Karasuma Gojo ⇒

Shijo Karasuma/ Nishiki-Ichiba Market ⇒

Nijo-jo Castle

Nijo Station

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine/ Kamishichiken

Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion)

Daitoku-ji Temple

Kyoto Imperial Palace (Doshisha University)

Heian-jingu Shrine/ Okazaki Park

Gojozaka (Kiyomizu-dera Temple/ Gion)

This is the most up-to-date Kyoto Course as of October 2019.

Why not experience the Sky Hop Bus for yourself? The possibilities granted to you on the Sky Hop Bus are limitless. The sights of Tokyo are waiting and now you have the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

Getting there

The Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building is located outside of Tokyo Station through exit M4.

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