Hotel Room (Photo: The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon)

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon

Asakusa and Skytree at your doorstep

Hotel Room (Photo: The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon)
Kyle Hedlund   - 3 min read

Travel industry pros are often asked for their off-the-path recommendations on things to see and do in the areas they cover. Whether the question is best neighborhood hotel, best “hidden” photo spots, or even the best place to impress your date over dinner and drinks, The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon is the Tokyo insider’s answer.

Perfectly situated in the heart of Asakusa, across from its namesake Kaminarimon Gate (the “entrance” to the famous Sensoji Temple), guests at this stylish hotel can find unrivalled views of the local area and nearby Tokyo Skytree. Award-winning designer Shigeru Uchida has done an excellent job of integrating classic and modern ideas in the inspired premises, and his attention to detail can be seen in everything from the dimensions of the bar-counter to the little surprises awaiting guests around every corner. Uchida seems to have delighted especially in providing glimpses of Sensoji and Skytree in unexpected places.

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon is driven by its concept of intimacy. This is evident even in the way the building has been incorporated into the Asakusa environs, where it manages to reach high above the surrounding skyline while remaining unobtrusive. Neighborhood residents and shop owners have embraced this new installation, and indeed they frequent the hotel’s restaurant and bar regularly. This has allowed the Gate’s staff to acquire a deeper understanding of Tokyo’s famed shita-machi (“old town”), which in turn benefits guests wanting to explore nearby sights, shops and eateries. Go beyond the limits of your guidebook by gleaning information from the helpful people welcoming you at the front desk.

“Intimate” aptly describes the rooms at the Gate Hotel Kaminarimon. Teaming with respected high-end brands such as William Morris, Hansgrohe, and Slumberland, everything has been selected based on suitability to concept. Suppliers were so keen to join forces with the Gate and its vision that the hotel has been able to secure custom-made furnishings and toiletries without the exorbitant prices that other high-end hoteliers would have to pass on to guests. The result is a wonderfully luxurious stay at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Access to the Gate is convenient. Whether you are arriving from overseas or continuing on to points within Japan, there is no place in Tokyo more conveniently located for both business travelers and tourists. There are direct links to both Narita and Haneda international airports from Asakusa Station (across the street from the hotel), and trains destined for almost the entire country can be boarded from nearby Tokyo Station.

Whether you are staying the night, or dropping in for a special meal and the view, the Gate Hotel Kaminarimon is a place you will remember.

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