A beautiful view from the tembo deck where you can see the vastness of the city of Tokyo and dream that you can fly like a bird.  (Photo: George Popescu)

Tokyo Skytree is for Couples

Enjoy fantastic views and photos of the city of Tokyo

George Popescu   - 1 min read

Tokyo Skytree is an amazing architectural building which has a large shopping mall at its base with five floors chock-full of stores and restaurants. The tower has two viewing decks. The main deck has 3 different levels, from the top level you see a beautiful view, the middle level has a coffee shop and a souvenir shop. On the lower level you can stand and look down through the glass floor. When Valentine's Day is approaching you can check what type of love you and your partner share and also take a romantic photo with the city as a background.

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George Popescu

George Popescu @george.popescu

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and after a brief stay in London, England I settled and lived in Toronto, Canada for 20 years. I moved to Tokyo in late 2013 and have lived here ever since. I enjoy exploring the city with my camera as well as going to many special events that Tokyo has to offer e...