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Ueno First City Hotel

A warm stay in the north of Tokyo

Photo: Mark Oxley Photography
Serena Ogawa   - 5 min read

Stay at a luxurious hotel in the northern heart of Tokyo. Ueno First City Hotel is practically next door to Ueno and Akihabara stations and only three stops from Tokyo Station. Their comfort and high-quality service make them a staple of any stay in the area. And their coronavirus prevention measures are second to none, making them not only an easy choice but a safe one.

The rooms

The promise of a comfortable hotel stay comes with every guests’ visit. Choose from one of the many styles of rooms; from a single room, double, or twin even to Japanese-style rooms, you’re ensured a wonderful stay at Ueno First City Hotel. And all of the seventy-eight rooms come with air purifiers.

Photo: Mark Oxley Photography

The Western rooms are spacious and come equipped with modern amenities. However, if you’re looking for a traditional stay in Japan then look no further than the Japanese-style tatami room, popular with solo travelers, couples, and families alike. The fluffy beds or futons in any of the rooms are sure to lull you to sleep and give you a peaceful rest. If you want a chic experience, why not stay in one of the modern Japanese rooms, Sakura or Aika. These ultra-cool rooms combine the taste of Japan with cutting-edge design and function.

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In addition to free WiFi in every room, guests can also expect a plethora of amenities to keep them comfortable at Ueno First City Hotel. If you’ve come to Tokyo for business, you can even rent a laptop from the lobby; or if you want to explore the neighborhood, why not rent a bike for only 200 yen a day.

The area is definitely worth a venture outside your room. With Ueno Park nearby and the many retro facilities of the area to entice you to create your own adventure. And for any tech or anime lovers, Akihabara promises to be a fun and rewarding excursion with its many electronics stores, anime shops, and maid cafes—there’s no shortage of things to discover.

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Back at the hotel, look forward to a healthy Japanese breakfast at Okaasan no Asagohan. And if you’re feeling peckish at any other time, a quick visit to Lulu Café is sure to fill you up and keep you charged for the day ahead.

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Highlights from the owner

The owners, a husband-and-wife duo, love Hawaii and it’s easy to feel that island vibe at the hotel. Look forward to an early breakfast with freshly grilled fish as Hawaiian music welcomes you to another day.

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And for guests who stay consecutive days, the staff tried to maintain a degree of flexibility with your meals so that you aren’t eating the same thing each day. It’s truly a welcoming and individual experience.

Stamp Rally

Ueno First City Hotel is currently conducting a stamp rally campaign. Guests can obtain a stamp booklet (tenugui) and collect stamps from other eligible inns. After gathering six stamps on your card (tenugui), show this to the hotel concierge for a free gift. The stamp rally and gifts vary by hotel and season and may not always be available.

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Getting there

A 5-minute walk from JR Okachimachi Station

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