Dancefloor (Photo: Zouk Tokyo)

Zouk Tokyo

Experience the Hottest Nightclub in Tokyo's Ginza District

Dancefloor (Photo: Zouk Tokyo)
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If you have a passion for Japan's vibrant nightlife scene, you're in for a treat! Zouk, one of the world's most renowned nightlife brands, has settled in Tokyo's most luxurious district, Ginza.

Zouk Tokyo takes over two basement floors in Granbell Square tailor-made for the ideal nightclub experience. By boasting an expansive space of a 600-square-meter area and a spacious 9-meter-high ceiling, the club can comfortably accommodate up to a 1,000 guests and claims the title of being Ginza's largest club and secures a spot among Tokyo's most spacious nightclubs.

Dancefloor (Photo: Zouk Tokyo)

By delivering an unparalleled audio experience (provided by Void) with incredible visuals surrounding the dance floor, Zouk earns its reputation as a nightlife trailblazer and creates an immersive atmosphere that rivals world-class clubs. Combine this top notch audio-visual experience with Zouk's world class resident DJs such as ZEDD, Tiesto, Deadmau5, and Kaskade, Zouk Tokyo commits to bring you nothing other than a top of the class nightclub experience.

The Mothership has landed in Tokyo

The Mothership
The Mothership (Photo: Zouk Tokyo)

The club contains a spacious dance floor with ample space to move, dance and socialize. Above it, Zouk Tokyo features a multi-layer "mothership", a lighting structure that has become synonymous with the Zouk brand. This dynamic lighting marvel adds a unique visual dimension to the clubbing experience, making it an Instagram-worthy destination for partygoers.

Elevate Your Experience with VIP Service

DJ Booth
DJ Booth (Photo: Zouk Tokyo)

To take your night even further you can opt-in for Zouk's VIP experience, a significant aspect of Zouk which provides exceptional service and creates a feeling of royalty luxury, ultimately drawing its experience from the VIP culture in Las Vegas. The club's layout is designed to offer excellent visibility of the DJ and the dance floor, ensuring an elevated experience for VIP guests.

The Zouk Group Legacy

Zouk Tokyo
Zouk Tokyo

With over three decades of history, Zouk is not just any nightclub; it's a renowned establishment. Zouk, a pioneering force in Singapore's nightclub scene, was the first to introduce house music and has consistently secured its place as a global leader in nightclub rankings.

Its flagship club in Singapore consistently ranks among the world's best clubs, thanks to its cutting-edge lighting and sound systems and unwavering dedication to the advancement of electronic dance music. In 2022, it achieved the remarkable feat of securing the No. 1 ranking in Asia in the "DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS. Now, this iconic brand is ready to make its mark in Tokyo.

Where to get tickets?

Tickets and VIP packages can be conveniently pre-purchased online, with pricing varying by the night.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a lover of luxury, or simply looking for a remarkable time in Tokyo, Zouk Tokyo promises an unforgettable evening of music, lights, and top-tier hospitality.

Getting there

5 minute walk from Ginza station exit C3.

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