Witness Where Sand Meets Sky: Tottori's Sand Dunes

A must-see natural monument in Tottori Prefecture

By Siyoung Park    - 2 min read

The Tottori sand dune is one of three sand dunes in Japan, and the biggest located in Tottori prefecture. It is a typical coastal dune along the eastern coastline. Not only is it designated as a natural monument in Japan, but it was also once selected as the number one destination for Japanese domestic tourists. It certainly is an amazing place to visit and a must-see tourist spot.

It is about 2.5km from the entrance to the coastline (from south to north). From east to west, you can see enormous 16-kilometer long sand dunes which have existed for over 100,000 years. Some of the dunes can reach up to 90 meters in height and the incline is pretty steep too.

Seeing these giant sand dunes, you will be amazed by the sheer force of nature.

We walked to the top on the smooth sand and enjoyed seeing the pattern of ripple marks created by the wind. After we climbed to the top of the dune, we became absolutely speechless. I think we all felt same sense of awe at that moment.

Tottori also has many tourist attractions besides sand dunes (the region is famed for its onsen too) so it might be worthwhile extending your trip to several days in order to fully explore the city and surrounding areas.

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