Raichozawa Campsite

A peaceful campsite surrounded by colorful tents

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Mount Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture is probably the easiest mountain to reach in the Japanese Northern Alps. It can be easily accessed with the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route that connects east and west bases of the mountain (in Nagano Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture).

Rachiozawa Campsite is the perfect place to rest after hiking in the Tateyama area – the base camp is perfectly positioned to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage of the Murodo plateau. It is the only camp site for climbers around Murodo on the Alpine Route.

During August, the peak climbing season, colorful tents are set up at the campsite to a backdrop of rich autumnal colors including red, yellow, orange and green trees. Skiing can be enjoyed here in the warm days of spring. In the summer, a beautiful flower garden of alpine plants fills the campground. The surrounding mountain range offers changing scenery for visitors year-round. The morning glow and sunsets here are like no other.

One night at Rachiozawa campsite will only cost you ¥500 per person, ¥1,000 for two nights. The campsite provides running water and toilet facilities but if you are also looking for a more relaxing experience, there is an onsen lodge about halfway between the campsite and Murodo Station. You can use the bath for ¥700. So, whether you are a mountain climber seeking to explore the surrounding mountains of Tsurugi-dake and Okudainichi-dake or here with family on vacation, Rachiozawa campsite is a great option to stay!

How to get there

The Alpine Route can be accessed from either Toyama Station (from Kyoto, Osaka), or Shinano-Omachi Station in Nagano (from Matsumoto, Tokyo). The campground is about a 45 minute walk from the Murodo bus stop.

The Tateyama-kurobe alpine route only operates from 9am to 4pm so make sure you keep track of your time.

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