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Kotsu Kaikan

Kotsu Kaikan

Nathan Meyers

The 3rd-floor terrace in Kotsu Kaikan is the perfect place for viewing and taking photos of the Tokaido Shinkansen. Enjoy the views..

Tokyo 1


Sherilyn Siy

With the Laview, award-winning architect Kazuyo Seijima has succeeded in designing a train that feels like a luxurious living room...

Tokyo 5
Shimogoinden Bridge

Shimogoinden Bridge

Sleiman Azizi

Shimogoinden Bridge in Nippori is famous for its 'train museum', a look spo where train enthusiasts can watch 2,500 trains..

Tokyo 7
Gotokuji District 15

Gotokuji District

Elena Lisina

In Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, the area around Gotokuji Station on the way to Gotokuji Temple is very relaxed and filled with its..

Tokyo 3

Harumi Wharf

Harumi Wharf is a beautiful pier that gives an unobstructed view of Tokyo Bay and the surrounding harbour. Known to be favoured port of call for cru..

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