Amber Mezbourian

Hiking the Dewa Sanzan

Following the footsteps of pilgrims

Amber Mezbourian   - 1 min read

The Dewa Sanzan are the three sacred peaks of Yamagata - Haguro-san, Gassan and Yudono-san. They represent birth, death and rebirth respectively. For centuries, ascetics from the Shugendō Buddhist sect have walked the trails and prayed at the shrines. Nowadays, they're popular with hikers and one of the highlights of a trip to Yamagata.

Amber Mezbourian

Amber Mezbourian @amber.mezbourian

I spent three years living in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme, not knowing what to expect but with images of Tokyo, geisha and Mount Fuji in my mind. I was placed in Yamagata prefecture in a small rural town that I couldn't find in any guidebook. I learnt to sno...