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Nov 15th
Some of the chrysanthemum dolls at the event
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Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival

A flower festival with over 100 years of history in Yamagata

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Venue : Kumano Taisha Shrine and Nanyo Chuo Flower Park When : Oct 1st - Nov 15th 2021

Yamagata's Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival takes place from early October to mid-November every year at two venues: the Kumano Taisha Shrine precinct and the Nanyo Chuo Flower Park. This celebration of Japan's national flower comes with over 100 years of history, and the event is said to be the first festival that featured chrysanthemum dolls (known as kiku-ningyo) as part of their display. The chrysanthemum dolls are literally life sized dolls which are decked out with chrysanthemums as their "clothing" - it's an impressive sight to witness!

Typically during the event dates there are vendors at the sites selling food and drink - it's yet to be determined if that will be the case this year. Updates will be posted on the official event website closer to the season.

Getting there

The Kumano Taisha Shrine portion of the chrysanthemum festival is located around 16 minutes by car from the Nanyo Takahata IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway, and the Nanyo Chuo Flower Park venue is around 13 minutes from the same interchange.


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