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Paragliding with LapuLapu

Unique way to experience Japan beautiful landscape

Edward Hosack
Edward Hosack   - 2 min read

If you are looking for something unique to do while you visit Japan, how about getting a bird’s eye view of Yamaguchi's beautiful mountainous terrain while enjoying a tandem Paragliding flight.

The Lapu Lapu Paragliding & Hang Gliding School is the best place for Paragliding or hang gliding in the Yamaguchi prefecture area. The cost of a tandem flight with transportation from the train station to paragliding site round trip is 14,300 yen per person, with a max of 4 people per day on the weekdays and 10 people on the weekends. There is a minimum weight requirement for kids of 20 kg/44 lbs and a max weight for adults of 105 kg/230 lbs.

If you call ahead, you can then make sure there are spots open. They have been in operation for over 30 years now, with Japan Hang Gliding Federation-certified staff in the area.

Gliding begins from 11am and last until 5:30pm during weekdays, or 10am–5:30pm on weekends. There is a safety briefing before the tandem flight. Transportation up the mountain is provided for the Paragliding trip. They will explain everything you need to know for a safe tandem flight. Once you are airborne and above the mountain peak, you will be able to feel the updraft and thermals coming off the ground and mountain.

You can also feel the breeze in your face and you glide through the sky like a bird. You can see the coastline, all the rice fields, Oshima island and Iwakuni Castle in the distance and the beautiful green mountain range.

Depending on the weather, after a 15–30 min flight, you will start to prepare for landing. The landing area is a very large and gives ample room for a safe landing.

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