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Are you looking for a way to take advantage of the warm weather of Kansai? Try Omimaiko beach on lake Biwa, a clear-water peaceful beach located only 45 minutes from Kyoto on the JR Biwa line. 
Sea cliffs, white sand and clear blue water, this is the best area for swimming in Japan that I currently know of
Beat the summer heat with a day in Inage Seaside Park Pool from July to September. A pool-fun experience for the young and young onces which suits the budget.
Perhaps the most popular and easily-accessible beach from Tokyo, Kugenuma is just over an hour away from Shinjuku. It has a very chilled-out, relaxed "Shonan" vibe.
Shirahama Beach boasts white sand imported from Australia and a pleasant blue expanse of water perfect for swimming in.
Le Soleil (or Soleil Nooka Park) is a French-inspired park located in the southwest tip of Yokosuka City in the Miura peninsula. Enjoy the gardens, amusement park style activities, the farm, foot onsens, and more. Fun for all ages!
River trek and rock climbing that winds around a bend and halts at the bottom of a magnificent waterfall
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