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Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi

Convenient hotel near Akita's main attractions

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Suwannee Payne   - 3 min read

Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi is a business hotel from the ​HMI group, one of Japan's largest hotel groups. The hotel is located in the center of Akita City, the capital of Akita Prefecture where Japan's most famous rice is said to originate from. The city is rich in natural resources like alpine mountains, pine forests, large lakes and outdoor natural hot springs that are known for their health benefits. Akita is also the origin of the Akita dog breed, the same as the landmark Hachiko statue, as well as the final station for the Komachi Shinkansen, currently the fastest Shinkansen in Japan. Akita is also the center for travelling to northeastern Honshu cities in Japan and is a great introduction to a trip around Tohoku.

If you’re looking for a hotel which is conveniently near the train station, near major tourist attractions like the Akita Museum of Art, Senshu Park (where the Kubota Castle's Turret is located) and the government district, Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi will meet your needs.

Just 15 minutes walk from the west exit of JR Akita Station or 5 minutes by taxi (not more than 750 yen), the hotel is very convenient. This mid-size hotel has a total of 115 rooms over 7 floors. There are 5 room styles: the triple room, twin room, single room, deluxe single room and special single/double room, which has a Japanese style tea corner lined with tatami mats inside. The hotel room rates start at 4,000 yen with both smoking and non-smoking rooms are available.

The hotel has an excellent range of facilities for guests, including television viewing and reading corners in the lobby, free foot massage area as well as a local souvenir store. There are vending machines for drinks and instant noodles, hot water dispenser and a microwave oven. Some coin laundry machines are available as well. For those who drive to the hotel, there is parking under the building. The guest rooms are equipped with all the usual amenities to help make your stay comfortable. For special, twin and triple rooms, there is a small private kitchen with a refrigerator, sink and microwave.

The highlight of this hotel is its relaxing atmosphere, allowing guests to unwind. The breakfast room is on the 7th floor at the top of the hotel. Breakfast is served from 7am to 9:15am. Hotel guests can enjoy the glorious view over Akita city while having breakfast comprising a traditional Japanese buffet with salad, bread, grilled fish, white tofu, daily specials, rice and miso soup.

Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi is a business hotel for travelers seeking a casual, comfortable base from which to enjoy the beauty of Akita city.

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