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Late Spring in Japan

What to do in late April & May

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After the cherry blossom season comes one of the most favorable times for traveling. Once the sakura blooms, the weather is variable – there are cold and rainy days. At the end of April and in May, though, the days are warm, often sunny, with daylight lasting longer.

Flower festivals

Temples and parks in Japan are good at any time of the year, but especially at the end of April and in May. Many types of flowers are now in bloom including tulips, azalea, nemophila, shibazakura, and wisteria. You can read about the parks at this time of year here.

Flower festivals are not only held in parks, but also at many temples and shrines. In Tokyo, the Azalea Festival at the Nezu Shrine is popular, while the wisteria Fuji Festival of Kameido Tenzin Shrine has been known since the Edo period. The blue fields of nemophila at the Hitachi Seaside Park and the pink & white fields of shibazakura in Hitsujiyama Park in Saitama are absolutely magnificent. A truly fabulous sight are the blooming fuji wisteria in Ashikaga Park.

Kodomo no Hi

In April and early May, Japan is decorated with koinobori banners - carp made of fabric that swell from the wind and seem to float in the sky. These banners are hung for the boys' May 5th holiday, Kodomo no Hi. It's believed that the carp (koi) is a strong and stubborn fish that can swim against the current, even overcoming waterfalls. As a result, the carp symbolizes victory, both physical and spiritual, with people wishing young boys health and prosperity. In addition to koinobori, shops will sell decorative figures of samurai, armor, horses and other symbols of courage. Festivals, too are commonly held.

Coast Vacation

At the beginning of May, it’s already quite warm in Japan. On sunny days, enjoying the coast of Japan is quite relaxing. The water of the seas washing onto the islands, especially in the central and northern parts, is quite cold even in summer, so those who like a swim in cold water will find spring a good time for it. Many coasts, such as in Ito, Manazuru, Matsushima or around the island of Enoshima, are picturesque with their rocks, pine trees, and the glitter of waves. Strolling along the shore, you'll find some interesting shells while in small coastal towns, restaurants will serve seafood that is not only fresh and tasty but inexpensive too.


Throughout April, the famous 1872 performance Miyako Odori has been performed since 187 in Kyoto. On May 15, Kyoto also hosts one of the grandest festivals of the city, the Aoi Matsuri. The main event of this festival is a procession of 500 people dressed as aristocrats of the Heian period (794-1185). The procession passes through the streets of Kyoto from the Imperial Palace to the Kamo Shrines. Participants carry mallow leaves, since aoi is the Japanese name for mallow. It is thought that this holiday originated in the 7th century.

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