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Tokyo Home Rentals for Travelers

Tokyo's Ota Ward opens its doors to short-term rentals

Mandy Bartok
Mandy Bartok   - 1 min read

A new ordinance due to take effect at the end of January 2016 will allow homeowners in select areas of Tokyo to rent out any unoccupied property to travelers who arrange stays of at least six nights. 

The regulation will affect properties in Tokyo's Ota Ward, site of Haneda Airport and highly convenient for those arriving at Haneda and not wanting to spend hours transiting to their accommodation. The move is a welcome one as Japan looks ahead to the 2020 Olympics, when hotels will likely be filled to capacity. A short-term rental gives travelers both the personal space they might crave and an additional housing option should all others be booked out. 

In 2014, the city of Osaka passed a similar ordinance, offering up additional lodging options for travelers to the Kansai region.

Mandy Bartok

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