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Halloween Event at Tokyo Disney Resort!

Enjoy a Spooky and Colorful Halloween Special Event!

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Venue : Tokyo Disney Resort When : Sep 15th - Oct 31st 2023

Tokyo Disney Resort is holding a special event, called “Disney Halloween,” from September 15 to October 31, 2023. Enjoy Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort in the midst of the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary "Dream Go Round" event with a ghost-themed parade, Mickey and Disney friends, trick-or-treat-themed dances, food, decorations, and goods. Join us, and celebrate Halloween in all its fascinating aspects!

Tokyo Disneyland

Spooky “Boo!” Parade

Enter the spooky and exciting world of ghosts!

The "Spooky Boo Parade" runs once a day along the parade route and stops at the Plaza (around Cinderella Castle) and Tomorrowland/ToonTown. During the event, ghosts will invite Mickey, Disney friends, and guests to enjoy ghostly-style Tokyo Disneyland and make new friends. This year, dancers in various spooky costumes also join the parade, and guests can even join the fun by dancing to become ghosts themselves!

For details, please check the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website. (Some viewing areas are for Disney Premium Pass)

During the parade, be sure to check out the floats that Disney friends are riding on! These floats feature familiar Tokyo Disneyland attractions and themed lands in scary and cute ghostly styles. For instance, Mickey Mouse rides on the Cinderella Castle float, which is covered with graves!

Disney friends who are drawn into the ghost world are quickly transformed by the ghosts and wear brightly colored costumes with skeleton motifs. Be sure to keep your eyes on the details of the floats and costumes!


Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”

The Haunted Mansion will host a special program called, "Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare," which is inspired by the Tim Burton movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here, you can meet Jack Skellington, Sally, and Zero!


Halloween decorations are already appearing in many places in Tokyo Disneyland! Enjoy the Halloween atmosphere and take memorable photos with ghosts and pumpkins.

Main Street, World Bazaar

In front of Cinderella Castle


Tokyo DisneySea

Disney Halloween Greeting

“Disney Halloween Greeting” runs twice a day at the Mediterranean Harbor. During the event, Mickey and his friends will have fun with guests in a trick-or-treat-themed dance while aboard a boat decorated with lots of candy and a large pumpkin.! The costumes are adorable!

Halloween Fair in New York

For the first time, Tokyo DisneySea will hold the “Halloween Fair in New York” in the New York area of the American Waterfront.

Trick or Treat at the New York Fair (until sunset)

If you see a cast member wearing a special costume in the New York area of the American Waterfront, say “Trick or Treat,” and they will give you candy!

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Reporting From Halloween Fair

Cast Members are also interviewing guests in costume! They will interview you about your outfit and take your picture!


The American Waterfront and Passaggio MiraCosta are now decorated for Halloween! We recommend taking pictures with the character-shaped pumpkins on Passaggio MiraCosta!

After sunset, the decorations at the American Waterfront's Waterfront Park begin to glow suspiciously and smoke fills the air, which, combined with the soaring Tower of Terror in the back of the park, creates a truly mysterious atmosphere.

Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea

Food & Drinks

There are many Halloween-only food items to choose from! Listed below are some of the highlights!

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Popcorn (bucket included)

Grab a pumpkin-shaped popcorn bucket with a ghost on top! The bucket even glows! It's a perfect item to decorate your home, even after you're done using it as a bucket! ー Popcorn Wagon (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea)

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Churros (Maple Pumpkin) - 500 yen per churros

The churros are packaged with cute Halloween wrapping that has illustrations of Mickey and his friends! It’s exciting to see which design you’ll receive! ー Rackety's Raccoon Saloon (Tokyo Disneyland/Critter Country, and others), Hudson River Harvest (Tokyo DisneySea/American Waterfront, and others)

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Soft serve ice cream (pumpkin/milk/mixed) 500 yen each

One of the most popular Halloween foods at Tokyo Disney Resort is pumpkin soft serve! The ice cream has returned after a three-year absence, so we highly recommend it! ー Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar (Tokyo Disneyland/Adventureland), Rackety's Raccoon Saloon (Tokyo Disneyland/Critter Country)

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Halloween Sundae (maple pumpkin churros & mixed soft serve ice cream) 800 yen

If you want to enjoy both maple-pumpkin-flavored churros and pumpkin soft-serve ice cream at the same time, this one’s for you! ー Rackety's Raccoon Saloon (Tokyo Disneyland/Critter Country)

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Mickey Waffle with chestnuts Whipped Cream and Maple Sauce 800 yen

A Halloween version of the classic Mickey Waffle! Enjoy a Mickey shaped treat with autumn flavors!  ー Great American Waffle Co. (Tokyo Disneyland/World Bazaar)

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Special set 1,330 yen

This set includes a Halloweeny and cute-looking burger with beef ribs, a patty, pumpkin and other vegetables, and mayonnaise mixed with purple sweet potato powder and sandwiched on a cute Baymax bun. The meal also comes with french fries and a soft drink! ー Tomorrowland Terrace(Tokyo Disneyland/Tomorrowland)

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

Special set: 1,470 yen

A filling set of spicy chicken and pumpkin gratin sandwiches that look and taste like Halloween! ― New York Deli (Tokyo DisneySea/American Waterfront)

Sparkling drink (blackcurrant & orange) 600 yen

A drink with collagen beads for texture! This is a visually pleasing drink that turns reddish-purple when mixed! ー Captain Hook's Galley (Tokyo Disneyland/Fantasyland), Camp Woodchuck Kitchen (Tokyo Disneyland/Westernland), Refrescos (Tokyo DisneySea/Mediterranean Harbor), Nautilus Galley (Tokyo DisneySea/Mysterious Island) 

40th Anniversary Food trucks

There is new food trucks at the American Waterfront to celebrate the 40th anniversary! We recommend buying an iced fruit tea, fruit wine, hot sangria, or baked dolce (marron & cassis) while enjoying the views and sounds of the park. Available until March 31, 2024.

Halloween Goods

Photo: Tokyo Disney Resort

There is a variety of merchandise featuring Mickey and his friends enjoying a Halloween party, Mickey wearing costumes from past Halloween events at Tokyo Disney Resort, cute ghost merchandise, and more!

Get into the Halloween spirit by wearing them at the parks, take them home as souvenirs, and enjoy a wonderful shopping time!

Do you know about the special item you can get now while celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort?

The Dream Garland stickers that you can receive from Cast Members during the 40th Anniversary have been designed exclusively for Halloween! Let's enjoy both Tokyo Disney Resort's 40th Anniversary and Halloween at the same time while communicating with Cast Members! *Cast members may not be available depending on location and time.

Dress up in costume!

During the Halloween events, adults and children can enjoy the parks in costume! Please check the official website for information on characters and films that are allowed to be in costume, as well as precautions for wearing costumes. Please follow the rules and enjoy dressing up!

*Programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather and other conditions. *Goods and menu items are subject to change without notice.

Please check the official website and official app for Disney Premium Access, Entry Request (lottery for entertainment or attractions access), Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass, Priority Seating, Latest show information, operation information, and any other up-to-date information.


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