Kamogawa Seaworld

Enjoy hands-on interactive encounter with sea animals

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Kamogawa Seaworld sits along the Tohjoh Beach, facing the Pacific Ocean in Kamogawa city. If you’re after hands-on experience, Kamogawa Seaworld is definitely the place to be. They have over 11,000 sea and freshwater animals of over 800 species. Performances by the killer whale, dolphins, sea lions and belugas are a must-see. It is one of my favorite local spots to visit.

The Seaworld is opened in 1970. They have emphasized on breeding and training sea animals like dolphins, seals and sea lions. With the opening of the place, Kamogawa became a popular resort with hotels and Japanese traditional Ryokan inns from just another place for beachcomers. They have a hotel, Kamogawa Seaworld hotel inside the venue so you can stay overnight without leaving the place. They work with a number of aquariums and fisheries educational institutions in and out of Japan to exchange research and studies.

There is a plenty of hands-on interactive encounter with sea animals at Kamogawa Seaworld. I had the most impressive experience by having a killer whale giving me a kiss after the performance. You can also touch dolphins by the pool side or get really close to them at the “Sea of dolphins” section at the Rocky World, a sanctuary for marine animals. One of the most famous attractions is a sea lion show. Sea lions are trained up to demonstrate a number of techniques for the artistic performance. They can even show you lovely smiles. I admire the trainers who taught them how do smile. You also get to take photos with the stars. You get to mingle with Pelican friends. They take strolls at the venue twice a day. They also offer unique seasonal events including night adventure and over-night experience with sleeping in front of aquarium.

When you feel you need a break, the Seaworld has three main dining areas. One of them, “Ocean” is the only restaurant in Japan where you can have dining experience while watching killer whales. Also, you can grab almost anything shaped in sea creatures at the gift shops. Pencils, candies, chocolates, eye pillows….they have an extensive range of beluga, white dolphin goods. I bought dolphin eye pillow with lavender fragrance and a stuffed beluga.

A special summer events are on for a limited period from July 21st to August 26th. Hours will be extended in August to stay open until 7pm.Special discount is offered for the entry after 5pm. The events include a special performance with dolphins and hands-on experience for children in the kids' garden.

It’s worth visiting other attractions near the Kamogawa Seaworld if you are staying overnight. Scenic beauty Niemonjima Island and Tanjoh-ji Temple, a birthplace of holy priest Nishiren and are all within 10 min. car ride.

Admissions are JPY2,800 for senior high school students and older, JPY1,400 for children (4 years old to junior high school students). The place is open from 9:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. except for the New Year period.

The Kamogawa Seaworld is 5 min. by a courtesy bus from JR Awa-kamogawa Station. Awa-kamogawa Station is about 130 minutes train ride from the Tokyo Station.

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