The Peacock Aviary is one of the highlights when visiting Shiroyama Park.  (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

Shiroyama Park in Southern Chiba

Peacock Aviary, Tateyama Castle and Municipal Museum

Jessica A Paje   - 1 min read

Proud of its green hills, flower fields and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Tateyama City is home to beautiful Shiroyama Park in the Southern Boso Peninsula. Within the park are the restored Tateyama Castle, Tateyama Municpal Museum, Peacock Aviary and Children’s playground that make it one of the city’s most popular attractions. If you’re up for a great hike, Shiroyama boasts several paths lined with azalea, camellia, ume and cherry blossom trees that lead you to incredible views with romantic seating. Officially designated as one of “Kanto Regions Best 100 Views of Mount Fuji,” Shiroyama Park has so much to offer for the entire family.

Jessica A Paje

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