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Karuta Hajime New Year's Card Game

At New Year in Japan's former capital of Kyoto, Karuta Hajime is an annual event where a popular traditional card game is played by women in period costume.

Kemari Hajime in Kyoto

Kemari Hajime in Kyoto: a traditional New Year event at Shimogamo Shrine, where men in period costume play an ancient traditional ball game.

Ebisu Festival in Kyoto

Held at Yasaka Shrine in Japan's former capital Kyoto, the Ebisu Festival is Kyoto's first festival of the New Year, dedicated to the god of prosperity and fortune.

Yabusame Shinji

Every year in early May. witness the Yabusame Shinji at Shimogamo shrine, where Japanese mounted archers fire arrows at enemy targets.

Aoi Matsuri Festival

The Aoi Matsuri is one of the oldest and most celebrated festivals in Japan. So much so, the word “Matsuri” originally referred only to the Aoi festival.

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