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Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama Chinatown has more than 600 shops in only a 2500 square meter area. Passing through the entrance gate from any direction, you are in the middle of a passionate hot

Gyoza no Ohsho

Enjoy gyoza dumplings and other delicious Chinese foods for low prices at Gyoza no Ohsho in Ikebukuro.

Harajuku Gyoza Lou

Harajuku Gyoza Lou is the pick for best place to eat on a budget if you’ve always wanted to walk into a restaurant and order everything on the menu.


Enjoy delicious Chinese, Japanese and vegetarian food at lovely Heianraku, a cozy restaurant in Takayama.

Tenryu Chinese Restaurant

Tenryu serves authentic Shanghai-style food on the fifth floor of a dingy building in downtown Matsuyama. The food is worth braving the inelegant surroundings.

Itani Benkyodo

Across the street from Saijo Library there is a place where you can satisfy your sweet tooth or have a meal that will fill you up throughout the day.

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