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Shibuya Cheese Stand

Shibuya Cheese Stand in Tokyo is a place where everything on the menu includes at least one type of cheese, freshly made right in front of your cheese-hungry eyes.

Cafe Kokoro in Saijo

Heavy on the vegetables and easy on the meat; these dishes are good for the heart and soul. Decorated in the spirit of a zen garden, Kokoro has a very relaxing atmosphere

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque Umeda

This cafe showcases light fusion cuisine for less than 2000 yen, for example, an eggplant pasta soaked in a light broth with chunky yet tender slices of chicken fillets, topped with Shiso and wild herbs. The shredded Shiso or Japanese Perilla ‎leaves adds bite and an astringent counterpoint to the hearty and filling pasta. Shiso is traditionally used with sushi, so here is a creative and contemporary interpretation of an Italian dish with a Japanese influence with the pairing of the eggplant and the Shiso leaves.

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