Tojinbo Cliffs, Fukui's Pride

Gorgeous panoramic view of jagged cliffs on a sunny day

Hiroshi Ohnuki   - 1 min read

Tojinbo Cliffs on Echizen Beach is one of the most popular and famous tourist spots in Fukui Prefecture. Many people visit year-round to appreciate the beauty of the jagged rocks. However it can be very scary on a windy can be blown off into the ocean below. On a rainy day, rocks become slippery and you can easily slide off the cliffs into the sea and never see daylight again. To those who are afraid of heights, it would be out of question to stand on the tip of the high and rocky cliff. Here's the solution for all of these people. Watch this time-lapse video feed of Tojinbo Cliffs! You can enjoy a panoramic view of the cliffs, and even see the beautiful sunset at the end!

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Hiroshi Ohnuki

Hiroshi Ohnuki @hiroshi.ohnuki

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