HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami Entrance (Photo: HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami)

HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami

A perfectly located hotel for Fukuoka travel

HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami Entrance (Photo: HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami)
Lester Goh   - 3 min read

Fukuoka is historically a port-of-call for merchants and traders from the rest of Asia, and their influence has left an indelible mark on the history and culture of Fukuoka. Case in point, the Kyushu National Museum, the only Japanese National Museum dedicated to all Asian civilizations, is situated in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. Or perhaps you will be more interested in the Yatai, pushcart food stalls found only in Fukuoka, serving up delicious bowls of famous Hakata Ramen before disappearing overnight. These are just a few of the unique features of Fukuoka that make this city a must-see experience for travelers visiting Japan. Geographically closer to Seoul than it is to Tokyo, Fukuoka does not always make it onto the itinerary of the first-time visitor to Japan. For those looking for a different side of Japan, however, there is no excuse not to make a date with this amazing city.

HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami is a great choice of accommodation for your stay in Fukuoka. The hotel enjoys a central location, where it is a mere five minute walk to nearby Fukuoka City Subway Tenjin-Minami Station and the Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station. Walk five minutes north, and you’ll find yourself in the iconic ACROS Building in the Tenjin shopping district. Five minutes and a bridge to the east, and you will be on the Nakasu Island, famed for the largest concentration of the Yatai food stalls. You can’t really ask for a better location from which to begin your adventure in Fukuoka.

From the moment you enter HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami, the smartly attired staff will tend to your needs with impeccable efficiency and friendliness. If you do not speak Japanese, several staff understand English, and all are prepared with written cards in multiple languages to guide guests from check-in through to check-out.

Offering variations of Double, Twin and Queen rooms, HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami the room for you whether you are here on business or pleasure. You will be pleasantly surprised to find luxury items such as an air purifier with built-in humidifier, memory foam pillows and an electric clothes-press even in the most economical Double room. In the bathroom, a wide and long bathtub that allows you to fully extend your legs and includes a complete set of shower amenities to ensure that you enjoy a good soak before you call it a night.

Breakfast tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate of ¥1,080 from the reception for restaurant Aso-Shokai on the 1st floor. The restaurant offers 3 breakfast sets daily. Furthermore, there is a coffee machine in the reception that guests can freely use at no cost from 6:00am to 12:00am daily, with takeaway cups so that you can conveniently bring the coffee up into your room.

Getting there

From the JR Hakata Station serving the Sanyo Shinkansen, HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami is a 10 minute ride on the famously affordable ¥100 loop line. It is also a five minute walk from the Fukuoka City Subway Tenjin-Minami Station and the Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station.

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