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Colorful cosmos fields across from Fukuoka's Kirin Beer Factory
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Kirin Beer Park Cosmos Festival

Pair your blooms with some brews in autumn

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Kirin Beer Factory, Fukuoka When : Early - Late Oct 2022

Japan is blessed with a bounty of floral beauty to enjoy throughout the year, and flowers often pop up in some rather unique locations! One example of this is Fukuoka's Kirin Beer Factory, which sits next to a large field filled with an impressive number of cosmos flowers in the autumn months. In total, around 10 million cosmos flowers bloom during October, which can be appreciated either before or after a tour and tasting at the Kirin Beer Factory.

As is the case with all flower festivals, the dates can differ slightly from year to year depending on blooming conditions. It's recommended to check the official site closer to the season for a definite confirmation.

Do note that at the time of writing, the factory has suspended brewery tours in efforts to prevent against the spread of the novel coronavirus. Status updates and details on tour resumption will be posted on the official website.

Getting there

The Kirin Beer Park in Fukuoka is located around 15 minutes on foot from Tachiarai Station, served by the Amagi Line.

For those who opt to drive, the venue is around 5 minutes from the Amagi IC or around 10 minutes from the Chikugo-Ogori IC on the Oita Expressway.


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