Michelle Madden

Tenjin Core

Where the cool kids shop

Michelle Madden   - 1 min read

Before coming to Fukuoka I did some research to see if I could find anything pertaining to a subcultural scene like the one in Harajuku. Walking around Tenjin I found a shopping mall that had the same kind of shops you find in Takeshita Dori. In fact some of the stores were actually part of a chain with shops in both Harajuku and Tenjin. This shopping mall has a huge selection of shoes and clothing and it could easily take you the whole day to see everything. This store is situated next to a similar mall called Tenjin Vivre. Now that I’ve found where all the cool kids buy their clothes, I just need to find out where they hang out to show off their latest threads.

Michelle Madden

Michelle Madden @michelle.madden

I'm a young South African who has traveled many hours to visit the land of the rising sun. I'm a film studies postgraduate, with an interest in cinematography and photography. My mission is to document as much of Japan as possible for the duration of my stay.