It's hard to imagine that downtown Adachi City Ward would be home to some of Tokyo's most extraordinary creative locations. But with museums and galleries that celebrate not only tradition and culture but also ultra modern design and contemporary expression, the city definitely surprises. Here is an introduction to some of the museums and galleries of Adachi and how to reach them.

Adachi Historical Museum

Filled with both scaled and life-sized models, pictures and interactive exhibits, the Adachi Historical Museum explores the history and development of Adachi City. Seated by the famous Higashi-Fuchie Gardens, the museum's theme of old Edo Tokyo and its eastern suburbs make it an enjoyable local experience.

An 8-minute no.64 or 65 bus ride from Kameari Station on the JR Joban Line.

Asakura Gallery

An extraordinary gallery of modern art, Asakura Gallery is a wild explosion of pink independence. Set in a residential area and literally filled to the brim with sculptures, paintings and unique creations, this gallery is not the usual gallery experience. The personalised creations to be found here easily justify the JPY1000 admission fee.

A 13-minute no.15 bus ride from Takenotsuka Station on the Toby Skytree Line.

Rokucho Museum Flora

Superbly designed, the immediately impressive Rokucho Museum Flora is dedicated to works of Japanese art throughout the seasons. The multi-level architecture stuns with its simple lines and modern stylings. Environmentally friendly the building houses some beautiful paintings. At miserly JPY300, the gallery is an underrated gem if there ever was one.

A 5-minute walk from Rokucho Station on the Tsukuba Express Line.

Sekido Museum of Art

Home to internationally sourced pieces of ceramic ware, tea ceremony utensils, sculptures and lacquerware, the Sekido Museum of Art features the personally collected works of the late entrepeneur, Senju Sato. The unique hexagonal shape, red brick walls and copper plated roof of the building is in itself worth the small JPY500 admission fee.

A 3-minute walk from Senjuhashi Station on the Keisei Line.