One of Tokyo's famous time capsules, Katsushika City Ward is the undisputed city of retro love. Home to an amazing array of local spots, lovers of Tokyo's Showa period flock to the city. Here is an introduction to some of the many landmarks and historical spots of Katsushika and how to reach them.

Captain Tsubasa

Manga, anime and video game fans will love being able to visit monuments dedicated to the world famous Captain Tsubasa. Scattered around the local station, visitors can find nine bronze street statues as well as any number of decorations and Captain Tsubasa-themed stores - a big plus for the young at heart.

Direct access from Yotsugi Station on the Kesei Oshiage Line.

Iron Globe

One of the most curious of all the landmarks in the city is surely the Iron Globe. A remnant from the old Mitsubishi Paper Mills company, this rusted out reddish-brown globe stands from its green surroundings at just over 4m in diameter. Once used to steamed waste paper fore reuse, the globe sits in the Katsuhsiki Niijuku Mirai Park.

A 12-minute walk from Kanamachi Station on the JR Joban Line.

Taishakuten Sando

Even in a city overflowing with interesting landmarks, Taishakuten Sando stands out. A classical shopping and dining arcade stretching for some 200m, the street immediately impresses with its retro Show period flare, quality bites and nibbles as well as the chance for some excellent souvenir hunting. A natural must-visit.

A 1-minute walk from Shibamata Station on the Keisei-Kanamachi Line.

Yamamoto-tei Tea House

Once owned by a Tokyo businessman and now registered as Tangible Cultural Property by Katsushika City, Yamamoto-tei Tea House sits by the banks of the famous Edo River. A blending of both Japanese and Western design elements makes enjoying the garden view while drinking some Japanese tea a delightful experience.

An 8-minute walk from Shibamata Station on the Keisei-Kanamachi Line.