Osanbashi Pier is home to Yokohama's International Passenger Terminal (橋国際客船ターミナル), otherwise known as Osanbashi- or Yokohama Port.

Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city after neighboring Tokyo and as one of the first ports to be opened to foreigners in 1854. Even today, this port city retains a strong international heritage that can be seen in areas like Chinatown—the largest in Japan—and the Motomachi district, where the foreign cemetery is located.

If you are planning a cruise around Japan, there is a very high chance your cruise ship will commence and end the cruise at the Yokohama Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal. Being the major port for the Tokyo, Yokohama's convenient location (not too far from the two major international airports of Haneda and Narita) make it the ideal place to start your Japan cruise.

What to expect at Osanbashi

Rooftop Viewing Deck

Known as Kujira-no-senaka (whale's back), the rooftop here features some of Yokohama's best views of the city’s skyline. This long walkway is also an ideal place to indulge and relax at the end or at the beginning of your cruise.

Rooftop deck
Rooftop deck (Photo: Tomoko Kamishima)

International Cuisine: Subzero

Enjoy fine dining with panoramic views of the bay at this Italian restaurant on the edge of the pier. More >

Cafe & Dining: Blue Terminal

Serving up a range of food from hamburgers, pasta dishes and desserts alongside an evening bar and a speciality coffee line-up.

Photo: Tomoko Kamishima


Come across a variety of Japan brands, like Motomachi's Kitamura fashion brand, souvenirs from Royal Wing, or bags by Sensui Kobo.


Osanbashi's inner hall plays host to a variety of seasonal events, often held on weekends, including Beer Fest, held every September.

Photo: Tomoko Kamishima

Port services

  • Coin Lockers These lockers are an ideal and safe storage for any size of luggage the price vary according to the locker size and prices range between 300 and 700 yen, especially for those who are planning to explore the surroundings without carrying their luggage while transiting through Osanbashi.

    Coin Lockers at the Yokohama Osanbashi Interntional Cruise Terminal
    Coin Lockers at the Yokohama Osanbashi Interntional Cruise Terminal

  • English speaking information desk This desk is ideally located by the main entrance and provides assistance to guests arriving and leaving at the Osanbashi Terminal, maps and brochures for main destinations in Kagawa prefecture and Tokyo are also available.

  • Sagawa luggage delivery service This reliable delivery service allows to send your luggage anywhere in Japan within a minimum amount of time.

  • Free Wi-fi

Which major cruise operators call at Osanbashi?

Princess Cruises

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MSC Cruises

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Costa Cruises

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Nearby attractions to Osanbashi

This is a list of famous spots in Yokohama, which can be easily accessed on foot or short taxi ride from the port, ideal for visitors with limited time:

Minato Mirai 21 Area

This area is one of the most modern and features landmarks such as the Yokohama iconic tower and the Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse, built during the Meiji period these iconic buildings now host several shops and restaurants.

Yamashita Park Area

This is one of the most famous green spaces in town, famous date spot for the locals, the 1930 built ship NYK HIKAWAMARU on which also Charlie Chaplin travelled on is also stationed here and is open for visits. Worth mentioning is also the Yokohama Marine Tower, the Silk museum and the Yokohama Doll Museum.

Chinatown Area

he largest of its kind in Japan, over 600 shops offer a chance to have a taste of the rich Chinese culture, look for the colorful entrance gates, located at the four main entrances, and for the Yokohama Masobyo, the main temple and protector of the city.


Following the opening of Yokohama port, hundreds of traders came into this part of Yokohama to live with the goal establish commercial routes with Japan, today Motomachi has a unique western atmosphere, with high end shops, and several historical heritage buildings such as the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery and the British House.

Attractions that are further afield

Points of interest from the Osanbashi terminal (within 1 hour train or car ride): This is a list of famous spots around Yokohama, which can be accessed from the port and require between 4-8 hours:


Former capital of Japan in the 12th C. a.C., in Kamakura you can admire the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan, and some historical Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Kamakura can be accessed by train (JR Yokosuka line, 30 minutes) from Yokohama or by car (45 minutes approximately).

Hakone National Park

is your gateway to the iconic Mount Fuji, in this area you can also visit the Fuji’s five lakes and the Hakone ropeway, this area can be easily accessed from Yokohama by train (JR Tokaido line plus Hakone Tozan Railway (90minutes) or by car (approximately 70 minutes drive).

Note: Yokohama has recently welcomed a new cruise ship terminal, the Daikoku terminal, opened in April 2019 and will open the Shinko terminal in November 2019. These two new terminals are located in the same area of Osanbashi Pier, but will operate as secondary supporting piers to Osanbashi's main port.

This will enable the port to accommodate seven ships at the same time and make the port the largest cruise facility in Japan.