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Miyajima Aquarium Specialties

Interesting touch with animals

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Miyajima Aquarium is situated at the far western end of Miyajima's town. It can be reached within a ten minute walk from Itsukushima shrine or a twenty minute walk from the ferry pier.

I have visited a few other aquariums in the past, but at Miyajima Aquarium they have unique offerings that set them apart from others. This aquarium introduced the sea life from the local fresh and salt waters around Miyajima. Among the more original displays is the oyster farm, representing the large numbers of actual farms around the island of Miyajima. Besides the animals, there are interesting special shows offered a few times per day, so you can catch one or another, or a few during your visit.

The most enjoyable shows on my visit were the “Sea Lion Show” and “Fun Time with Penguins." The sea lions were very smart and amazimgly nimble, making all sorts of tricks and even playing a “piano”! At “Fun Time with Penguins”, after cleansing your hands with a special soap, you can stroke the penguins. I have never done this before, of course, and was surprised by the very strong and solid feathers covered a penguin!

Elena Lisina

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