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Mt. Misen on Miyajima island

By ropeway or on foot—a fantastic excursion either way

Nicole Bauer   - 1 min read

The holy Mount Misen on top of Miyajima island can be explored on foot, or by ropeway. Although you'll still have to walk for about 30 minutes to reach the very top of the mountain by ropeway, it takes away most of the effort as it takes almost an hour to hike the path to the peak. I started after lunch and the light was still great for photos when I got to the top. There are beautiful views as you walk through the main Momijidani park up to the ropeway. The trail continues from there if you are up for the challenge of hiking to the top. Views of the Seto-inland sea and many islands dotted around Hiroshima are quite stunning.

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