Large photo of the explosion greets us at the entrance of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Photo: Larry Knipfing)

Revisiting History at Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Museum

Iconic record of the horrors of war

Larry Knipfing   - 1 min read


To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, a <a href="">virtual tour</a> of the museum has been released, as well as a <a href="">Peace Park tour</a> from the day of the anniversary event.

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Many people who visit Japan make a pilgrimage of sorts to this museum in Hiroshima. I visited the museum 30 years ago, and then once again very recently.

The museum itself has become a bit more sophisticated over the years, doing a superb job (if I can even say that) of showing how horrible it was for the people of Hiroshima to experience the first-ever atomic bombing. War is, of course, hell for all that experience it. And this is how I approached the viewing of this museum. It is not a pleasant experience, but is not intended to be.

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