Eternal Flame and View of the Museum Building (Photo: JJ Walsh)

Hiroshima Wi-Fi

Free wireless internet service in Hiroshima city center

Eternal Flame and View of the Museum Building (Photo: JJ Walsh)
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Visitors to the areas around the Peace Park in the central areas of Hiroshima city, as well as in a small area of the Hiroshima JR train station complex, can now access free internet connections.

Find out where you can access Hiroshima's Free Wi-Fi services:

  1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
    F "Rest Lounge" area and part of the entrance lobby as well as the area around the 3F museum shop. It is only 50 yen to enter the museum to see details, personal accounts and historical information about the A-bomb and how it affected the city when it was dropped in 1945. There are often interesting talks and exhibits held on the basement floor too, feel free to wander down.
  2. Tourist Information Center in JR Hiroshima station.
    There should be a signal around the South Exit (of the main station side, not the Shinkansen (bullet train) side) and around the Underground Plaza around the information booth in the underground passage.
  3. The International Conference Center
    Across from the museum building entrance in the 1F "International Exchange Lounge", this lounge is open to the public, has seating and studying areas, sometimes there is a computer available for use, there is a small library of English books, English newspapers and English magazines available to read. There is also an assortment of maps, guides and other information about cultural activities and English speaking guide services here. The staff can usually speak English quite well. There are conference and exhibition halls available for rent above and below this lounge.
  4. HMoCA : Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art
    The first floor lobby, entrance and museum shop area should have the strongest Wi-Fi signal. There is a fantastic permanent exhibit and the outdoor art garden can be enjoyed for free.
  5. Former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch
    Surviving building of the A-bomb, this building now serves as a multi-function exhibit and event hall. The 1F lobby should have the strongest signal. Most exhibitions are free of charge and open to the public. If you have a chance to go in, don't miss an opportunity to head downstairs to see the old safe doors- these beautiful and strong safe hinges were damaged by the blast (despite the building staying intact) and never used again.
  6. Aster Plaza
    Event, concert and exhibition hall not far from the Peace Park. Strongest signal should be around the 1F entrance hall and lobby. This is the site of the biannual International Animation Festival among many other international events. There is also reasonably priced accommodation on the upper floors (Hiroshima international youth house).
  7. Hiroshima city cultural exchange hall (Bunka Koryu Kaikan)
    imilar to the Aster Plaza, this is another event hall that also has nice hotel type accommodation, buffet dining and karaoke facilities as well as banquet halls and exhibition halls. The strongest signal should be around the 1F front desk and lobby area.

To tap into the Wi-Fi, make sure your Wi-Fi setting is on, choose the "Hiroshima_Free_WiFi" network (SSID), agree to the terms of service, add your name and email and you will be free to use the Wi-Fi for as long as you like.

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