Fly above the city by Hakodate Ropeway (Photo: Sodai Gomi / CC BY 2.0)

Hakodate Ropeway

Fairytale views by day or night

Fly above the city by Hakodate Ropeway (Photo: Sodai Gomi / CC BY 2.0)
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Located in a Hakodate, the southern gateway to Hokkaido, there is a famous tourist spot that gathers folks from all around the world. It is Mount Hakodate, with a rope-way giving you a smooth ride to the summit.

Once you reached the summit you will be able to see a spectacular view of Hakodate, the sea, and Aomori prefecture in the distance.

There is a lift every 5 to 15 minutes, so you shouldn't have to wait in line for too long. There is also free parking available for those who wish to drive to the summit. However, parking probably won't be available after sundown, because that's when all the tourists start to arrive.

The scenery viewed from Mount Hakodate at night is spectacular, and it is voted in the top 3 must-see night views in Japan. It is a great place for you to experience with your friends and family. Of course, the view during the day is special too, but the night scenery is absolutely mesmerizing.

Besides the restrooms and vending machines on the summit, they also have a gift shop with have souvenirs you can find nowhere else, so be sure to stop by and procure some Hokkaido keepsakes before leaving.

Shiroi Koibito is one of the most popular cookie brands in Hokkaido. Many people purchase boxes of these cookies for their friends and families, as well as for themselves, making it is the classic souvenir. These cookies are only sold in Hokkaido, so people can't wait to get their hands on them.

Getting there

Hakodate Mountain is just an hour and thirty minutes away from Hakodate Airport.

First, take a shuttle bus to Hakodate station. At the station, get off the bus and board the bus that for Joujigai. It is a bit of a walk from Joujigai to Hakodate Mountain, but the walk is definitely worth it.

More info

Find out more about Mount Hakodate.

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