Desserts that are both photogenic and made with health in mind (Photo: Veggy Way)

Veggy Way

Eating with health in mind in Sapporo

Desserts that are both photogenic and made with health in mind (Photo: Veggy Way)
Kim   - 2 min read

Many of us know the saying "you are what you eat", which highlights the importance of eating healthfully to ensure overall wellness. Veggy Way in Sapporo is a vegan cafe that places a real emphasis on this way of thinking. Their core philosophy is based on the three holistic health principles of body, mind, and spirit, and dishes here are made without the use of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, white sugar, or alcohol.

The menu at Veggy Way has plenty of flavorsome dishes to choose from. There are lunch options including the teriyaki veggie meat bowl (¥950), the soy katsu burger (¥1000), or the omakase meal set (¥1550), where the chef serves up several recommended dishes. There is also an impressive range of sweets available if you just want to pop in for a dessert and some coffee, including vegan soft-serve ice cream, a rotational variety of raw tarts, gateaux chocolat, and even vegan parfaits in banana, chocolate, or berry flavors. Most of the menu is available as takeout, so if you'd prefer to grab your meal to-go it's easy to call ahead and place an order. For celiacs who may be visiting, a number of options at Veggy Way are gluten-free, but it's worth noting that some products containing wheat are prepared in the same kitchen.

If you don't live in Sapporo but you're still based in Japan, a number of the cafe's sweet treats are available in their online shop and can be shipped nationwide.

Do note that the cafe is closed every Sunday if you're planning a special trip.

Getting there

Veggy Way is located approximately three minutes on foot from the Maruyama Koen Subway Station, served by the Tozai Line.


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